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November 9, 2022

The days are getting short and the nights are growing cold, but our plastic tunnel crops don’t seem to be minding so much, in fact they look beautiful! This week we have already begun to harvest greens for this Saturdays first winter market in Baileys Harbor. We harvested all of our lettuce mix and most of our arugula intending that we will get a second cutting for sometime in early December. Already we have harvested 22 lb. of spinach from our 2 spinach beds and many salad radishes with more to come.

Piles of beets ready to be topped and stored

Despite our field beds finally all being put away and cleaned for the winter, it is still satisfying to walk by the field beds to see the black composted beds contrast with the still lush cover crops. Last week we pulled up the remaining storage crops. 450 lbs. of rainbow carrots and 120 lbs. of parsnips. We suspect that if we planted the carrots with a little wider spacing and used storage variety seeds, we could have gotten even more weight out of those beds. I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to find out!

Beds are put to rest

Notice the length of that carrot root! Tilthy soil with little compaction lets our vegetables mine deep into the soil (and sometimes bed rock)

Thank you CSA members for all your honest survey responses. This helps us get some perspective from your side of things. Stay tuned with our emails for more info to come.

See you all at the farm market this Saturday, November 12 at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall 10:00-2:00. We’ll have a long list of storage crops, fresh greens and handmade dried flower wreaths from flowers grown on the farm this summer.

Your Farmers,

Tyler and Allison

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