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December 1, 2022

Happy Holidays everyone!

This week we have begun to embark upon making some new infrastructure moves on the farm. The reflective season of fall is a great time for making changes as the winter snows have not yet settled, but the field work is done. Through out the summer we make observations of what can be improved systematically on the farm, mostly by whatever frustrates or inconveniences us the most! By fall we try to finalize a plan to improve or ease any of those problems the best we can.

We decided one of our top changes is to relocate our tool shed to a new building. Our current location of the tool shed is further from the fields than we would like and it creates a lot of extra walking. The tool shed is a little cramped as well, so its time to make a move. We have a building that is closer to the field that needs an overhaul and would make for a great new tool shed.

Loft removed from wood shed

We started by pulling out a dilapidated loft and getting rid of a lot of stored up wood that was no longer good for building with. Some of the infrastructure of the building was reliant on the bunk system, so we added a new support beam to help hold up the historic building. This clearing away of the old is making room for the new.

Cutting the new beam

Installing the new beam

Any of the wood that is still good will be put into the other side of the building in a tidy wood shed. It will be good to have the wood shed accessible and organized for any future projects. The new space will give us a chance to better organize our frost covers, plastic tarps and tools. Facing our third winter here on the farm, its very interesting for us to look back and see what changes we have made to the property, wile also looking ahead to see what changes we plan to make.

This Saturday we will be back at the Baileys Harbor town hall for another great winter farm market! We will be bringing romaine lettuce heads, spinach, kale, salad turnips, salad radishes and truck load of all kinds of storage root crops! We hope to see you there.

Your gardeners,

Tyler and Ally


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