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Our last market has arrived

Hello everyone,

This Saturday is our last farm market! We’ll be bringing onions, carrots, beets, parsnips, rutabagas and watermelon radishes. Please load up as we would love it if we could sell as much as possible.

Both of us have been actively packing and organizing our things getting ready for the big leap. We are taking as much of our farm tools and infrastructure with us to put into storage so that we can start up another farm eventually. We’re calling it our “mobile farm”.

Tyler is planning on going into carpentry for the next few years to build some new skills that will help us with some of our future goals of building a homestead and farm. Ally will be conveniently working on the same job site with Tyler as a laborer who helps clean things up. This will be a great job for her to start with until she finds something else to do.

We’re looking forward to this new season of our life. The journey is not a straight path, but we know where we are heading. We see ahead of us new friends to be made, a beautiful home to be built, a family to be had, animals to care for, homesteading skills to be learned and LOTS of vegetables to grow!

We hope to see you all at our last market! The line might be slow as I’m sure we will be saying our farewells to all of you.

Your farmers,

Tyler and Ally


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