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July 5, 2022

A big thank you to all of our CSA members and market customers who came out this Sunday to our once a year farm tour. It was so fun to show you around the farm and Tyler loved talking about the principles and practices of why we do what we do. Thank you for all your positive feedback! We’ll be happy to do it again next year and we’re so glad you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Tyler talking about tiny bugs

July 3 market stand at the farm

We’re very happy with where the garden is at this year. It’s just the two of us on the farm now as Leah had to go back to Indiana but she left at a good time. We got a lot of really great projects done that we needed the extra help with and it’s never looked better (and it’s only our second year!). It was so good to hear that Leah wants to work on other farms in the future to see what it’s like, possibly one with animals.

The harvest season is upon us with lots of new crops coming up for market this week and the CSA next week including carrots, beets, mini cucumbers, summer squash, broccoli and daikon radishes. Strawberry season is coming to a close soon so if you need some more please come down to the the farmers market early! The last pea harvest and kohlrabi harvest will also be this week. We're back downtown Baileys Harbor this week for the farmers market.


This week in the CSA:

Lettuce mix


Salad turnips

Sugar snap peas


Swiss chard

Green onion

Bok Choi



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