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July 26, 2022

It’s hard to believe we’re already having to think about fall since it seems like summer took so long to get here. This week and last week we’re getting our fall plantings in and starting seeding and transplanting for our storage crops like beets, radishes, cabbages and carrots. We’ve been harvesting like mad this last week and pulled out two and a half beds of rainbow carrots and three beds of new potatoes plus two beds of beets all to get these beds turned over for our final crop plantings. Luckily we are still on schedule and the things in the nursery are getting out just in time. When we are working in such a small space timing is everything!

Harvesting rainbow carrots, composting the tops

Pulling up potatoes

Bounty at the farmers market

The summer crops are just beginning to ripen with mini eggplant, bell peppers and tomatoes not far off. The mini Italian frying peppers in the field are looking bountiful, we’re just waiting for them to turn red and yellow. You can see that the cherry tomatoes are now touching the trellis line and will soon be topped to finish ripening throughout August and September. The best part of the week was when it rained and brought some cooler air allowing us to work into the late afternoon again. We could still use more rain!

Nice fennel harvest

Tomato tunnel

So much fruit to come!

What’s in your CSA bag this week:

Head lettuce

Mini cucumbers


Rainbow carrots

New potatoes*



Summer squash


New potatoes- Young potatoes that have not been cured. The skins are thin and edible. Store in the fridge not on the counter. Boil with the skins on, roast or sauté

Fennel- We are still figuring out how to best prepare fennel but a chef told us to halve it and sauté it face down for a few minutes then finish it off by roasting in the oven and adding it to anything you'd like to flavor. We found it gets sweeter and looses a lot of its anise flavor when roasted.


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