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August 30, 2022

Today is the official last planting outdoors until the tunnel plantings happen mid-month. Head lettuce and lettuce mix transplants. The only thing you can really seed this late in the season are turnips and radishes and even they may need cover toward the end of the month if early frost is expected. This week we did some crop maintenance on our strawberry patch and pruned back the runners, composted our celeriac, pruned tomatoes and trellised peppers and ground cherries. We’re still making time to weed every week and fortunately the weeds are really slowing down.

Our favorite head lettuce is coming soon!

Sweet Italian frying peppers

We’re amazed at how fast September has creeped up on us. Our WWOOFer Benjamin has been a great help these last few weeks and he’ll be staying with us through the end of the season. As you can see, the gardens are still full of vegetables and we’ll have plenty of storage crops to harvest toward the beginning of October.

This time of year we are beginning to plan for our fall infrastructure projects. These types of projects focus on refinement and organization to increase work flow efficiencies on the farm. Our primary questions are: What are the hardest or most time consuming tasks for us and how can we make them easier? What can we cut out? We’ve got some exciting things coming down the pike for next month that we’ll share with you all very soon. For now, the lettuce and peppers are going to keep coming in and we’ll have our next round of beets and carrots at market this weekend.


What’s in the CSA box this week:


Italian frying peppers*


Green onion

Summer squash


Cherry tomatoes

Daikon radish

*Italian frying peppers are amazing sautéed or roasted. These peppers can be eaten raw but we recommend cooking them to release their sweet, full flavor.


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