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August 2, 2022

What a week it’s been! We managed to get all our seeding and transplanting done last week, eleven and a half beds in total! We are very thankful for the rain we got this week as we were able to take a day off from watering all our new transplants and seeds.

We’re getting prepared for the second half of the season and into the winter months. Ally’s nursery seeding list is dwindling with only the things that are going in the tunnels for the winter left. It also means that we are close to seeding cover crops as beds begin to empty for the season.

Tyler harvesting beans

The yellow wax beans have been so prolific! We have harvested from only one bed so far and got a total of 70 pounds over a week of harvesting. The next bed is green beans which should be ready by the next farmers market. Our little cooler where we keep the summer crops is getting quite full with tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, green beans, and cherry tomatoes. We had a nice harvest of celery this week and this will be the last week for fennel.

Celery harvest

We are using the loft in the barn to dry our garlic harvest. The bulbs are beautiful and we are excited to share them with you after they are cured. We had two full beds this year and we’ll definitely be saving seed again and planting even more garlic for next year! We are also using the barn loft to dry flowers for wreath making for the winter markets again. Ally has had a lot of fun harvesting and drying statice, strawflower, globe amaranth and many more.

Garlic going up to the loft

Harvesting flowers for drying

CSA this week:

Head lettuce


Summer squash


Cherry tomatoes

New potatoes


Green Beans

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