Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a type of sharecropping system in agriculture where the consumer and the producer partner to share in the risks of farming. The member helps the farmer by purchasing vegetables for the season up front and thereby giving financial assurance to the farmer that they will survive another year and the farmer grows and shares what is abundant and in season throughout the year while providing updates and information about the farm being supported. 

Our CSA program is now full for the 2022 growing season. We are so appreciative of our members who allow us a dependable income in the slow growing months of the year. We are so excited to deliver all the vegetables we have planned this year! 

If you missed your chance to sign up and would like to get on the waitlist for our third season we highly encourage you do so. Contact us here and we'll add you to the list.

As always, you can get a taste of what we grow at the farmers market this summer!
How many items come in a box?
We will work hard to provide between 8-10 different items in your box each week totaling a value of  about $30. As the season changes, your box will change according to what is ready to harvest. Spring bags will be lighter in weight with more greens. Summer and fall bags will be heavier. Items are bunched in volumes you would see at a farmers market and according to how much we have available to members.
Are the box sizes the same for weekly and bi-weekly?
Yes! The varieties and amounts of vegetables are the same for all of our members, only the frequency of boxes changes if you are weekly or bi-weekly.
What kind of vegetables do you grow?



Lettuce mix



Green onion







Summer cabbage


Sweet Pepper

Fresh onion



Summer squash







Winter Squash




Storage onions

And lots more!

Where are the drop off locations? What time do I pick up?

Wednesdays, time block TBD



Baileys Harbor- at About Thyme Farm 

Egg Harbor- Mariner Drive, exact location will be given on sign up

Sister Bay- Blossoms Flower House

Ellison Bay- at Kick Ash Coffee

Do you deliver?
We do not deliver to your home. For the 2022 season we will be dispersing the CSA shares at drop off locations throughout Northern Door county. Although we have delivered in the past, we really needed that time on the farm and it would greatly help us out to make deliveries more efficient. We hope that by having drop offs in each town this will make for a good win-win option. We understand this was disappointing for some but it's really the best thing for the farmers, thank you for understanding.
When should I sign up?
The earlier the better! We are only accepting 40 full shares (up to 80 half-shares) for our second season so availability is limited. We’ll begin a wait list if our program fills up for the following season.
What happens after I sign up?
When you sign up you will get a notification email welcoming you to the membership with more details about pick up locations and times as the first delivery approaches.
What if I go on vacation?
If you go on vacation you have 2 options: either have a friend come get your bag or let us donate it to a food pantry. The choice is yours! We do not give refunds for weeks you will not be home but you can feel good about sharing the love of fresh food with others.
Do you have a refund policy?
No, we do not give refunds. Doing so would be counter intuitive to the purpose of a Community Supported Agriculture program. 
Do you grow everything yourselves?
Yes! The only exception are the raspberries grown organically by a farmer friend in Baileys Harbor.
Are you organic?
Absolutely! We choose not to be certified, but we use practices that are aligned or above the standards of the USDA organic certification program. It is our goal to use only physical, mineral and biological means to amend the soil and control pests on our farm in order to grow the healthiest, most nutrient dense food for our community. 
What do I do with (eggplant, kohlrabi, bok choy...)?
There are so many great vegetable cookbooks and recipes online, we feel that others can do this part much better. When in doubt, throw it in the frying pan! 
Can I just buy _______?
For those who are not ready to commit to a weekly or bi-weekly smorgasbord come visit us at the Baileys Harbor Farmers Market every Sunday (rain or shine!) from 9:00-1:00, May 15-October 16.

It’s also a great opportunity to chat with us about farming, flowers and food :) 

Do you have anything else for sale?
Yes! We will have sunflower bouquets every week at the farmers market from July-October. We also have a limited amount of colorful eggs by the dozen from our sweet chickens available only at the farmers market.