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Vegetable Stand Now Open
Saturdays 9am-6pm
215 Wingate Rd, Waynetown, IN

Farm Stand Opening Full Time July 2024

Our Practices


Roots are able to penetrate our soil deeply because it never forms a bed pan beneath the top layers. The microbial life is able to flourish in an undisturbed environment leading to healthier crops and more soil aggregates (the good stuff!). Our job is to be caretakers of the soil.

By Our Hands

We use hand tools to cultivate, weed, seed and aerate the soil. These quiet tools are easy to fix, easy to use, and gentler on the land. Best of all we never run out of gas.


We cover the ground so we don’t loose it to the wind and rain. Cover crops keep the soil in place and can build it up over time. We create our own compost from vegetable trimmings, chicken bedding, fall leaves, and cover crop harvests. 

Farmers Mark

We grow many different vegetable crops of many different varieties. We inoculate our soil with billions of varieties of microbial life from the nearby forest floor using an ancient Korean farming method.


We strive to recognize most of the insects, birds, and weeds in and near the gardens. We intentionally grow crops that feed beneficial insects as well as predatory insects. We have bluebird houses to encourage natural insect predation. We use physical barriers for weed suppression and insect protection whenever we can.


We make our own compost as well as our own fertilizers and insecticides from plants found on the farm through the simple but powerful process of fermentation. These liquids are much safer for people and will hopefully reduce our reliance on global chemical companies. We do not use throw-away plastic mulch as many small farmers do and we are working on integrating a seed saving program.

Small is Beautiful
Everything we grow for our vegetable stand is grown on our .3 acre homestead
Community Supported

Our garden is currently supported by our friends, family, and neighbors of Waynetown and surrounding areas.

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